Pepper Processing System

Pepper Pre Cleaner

Applied for granular products such as: pepper, rice, beans, corn, coffee, etc.

Capacity4-6 (Ton / hour)10-12 (Ton / hour)
Feeding mechanism0.5 (HP)1 (HP)
Exhaust Fan3 (HP)5.5 (HP)
Vibration Screen1 (HP)5.5 (HP)

Pepper De Stoner

Applied for granular products such as: pepper, rice, beans, corn, coffee, etc.

Capacity4-6 (Ton / hour)10-12 (Ton / hour)
Power Control
Exhaust Fan7.5 (HP)7.5 (HP)
Vibration Motor1 (HP)1 (HP) x 2

Continuous Steam Washing

In the pepper processing system, Continuous steam washing is used to preliminarily clean, sterilize a part of the outer skin of peppers.

Gear Motorp=5HP
n=100 rpm
Capacity (ton/h)4
(pepper density 500:700g/l)
Dimensions (LxWxH,mm)3250x850x1045

Fluid Bed Dryer

  • Smooth operation
  • Homogenous drying results
  • Retains the same physical and chemical structure of the products with a quick drying time using low dry temperature
  • Compatible with heat sensitive products; avoids discoloration and caramelization
  • Saves manpower and feeding time
  • Easy to operate
  • Energy saving
Capacity (ton/h)25.5
Installation power (HP)5.57.5
Dimensions (mm) LxWxH8700 x 1280 x 24509700 x 1570 x 2800


The machine is in the pepper processing line, used to separate light and chipped peppercorns from heavy and good ones.

Total Power7KW
Fan's Motor: 5.5 KW
Rotary valve's Motor: 2x0.75KW
Capacity (ton/h)2
(Pepper Density 500:700g/l)
Dimensions (LxWxH,mm)3400x1850x5400
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