Cherry Washer


  • Washing and separating light cherries which are dried or insects (floating cherries from ripe cherries (sinking cherries).
  • Eliminating stones, sands to avoid damages for next operation in processing line.
  • Loading coffee cherries first enter a vibrating transfer screen where impurities such as leaves, stems, sand are preliminarily eliminated before going down to the washer.
  • The machine is engineered with Green in mind to greatly reduce water consumption with a water recycle system.
  • Electric saving.
  • Big relief in labor force and since it is easy to operate and maintain after a quick training, there is no skilled workers.
Model Capacity
(ton/h) Coffee cherry
Installation power
L x W x H
MRQ-3325300 x 1350 x 1600
MRQ-55 36350 x 1385 x 1660

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Cherry Washer
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