• Sample roaster TN100 is used for coffee quality tasting in green coffee processing factory
  • Each roasting drum is 100gr of coffee
  • Heating by gas or electricity

(bacth/roasting drum)

Power source

(1 Phase Power)

Drum Quantity
TN100 – E1100g220v/50-60hz1
TN100 – E2100g220v/50-60hz2
TN100 – E4100g220v/50-60hz4
TN100 – E6100g220v/50-60hz6
TN100 – G1100g220v/50-60hz1
TN100 – G2100g220v/50-60hz2
TN100 – G4100g220v/50-60hz4
TN100 – G6100g220v/50-60hz6

Roaster series 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 30kg

  • Functions of Coffee roaster machine:
  • Adjust acidity taste of roast beans
  • Adjust bitterness of roast beans
  • Adjust after-taste
  • Adjust coffee aroma
  • Adjust volume of coffee roasted
  • Dark roasted within a short period of time
  • Adjust fat content of roast coffee beans
  • Adjust roasting time
  • Multiple functions for coffee specialty
Model Capacity
Gas consumption Power consumption
Power supply 
MR-28-102-3kg of gas/100kg of green coffee beans11 phase – 50Hz
MR-520-252-2.5kg of gas/100kg of green coffee beans1.153 phase – 50Hz
MR-1040-501.8-2.3kg of gas/100kg of green coffee beans1.93 phase – 50Hz
MR-2080-1001.7-2.1kg of gas/100kg of green coffee beans2.23 phase – 50Hz
MR-30120-1501.6-2kg of gas/100kg of green coffee beans 3.753 phase – 50Hz

Roaster MR-series – 60kg, 120kg, 250kg

Functionalities of coffee roaster machine:

  • Fully automatic control of roasting process via PLC
  • Several self-tuning functiong
  • Create multiple methods of roasting
  • Energy saving heat recovery system
  • Quick cooling system in the roasting drum and moisture compensation
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system
  • After burner

Roasting for various coffee styles:

  • Very light roast, high acidity
  • Turkish roast (light roast), good body
  • Middle roast, smooth acidity, good body
  • Instant roast, high extraction
  • Short time roast, high acidity, bitterness
  • Espresso roast, bitterness, less acidity
  • Dark roast (Vietnamese Roast), high bitterness, burnt taste
ModelCapacityGas Consumption
Power ConsumptionPower Source
VNTR – 60180 – 240 kg/h2 – 3kg Gas/100kg113 phase – 50HZ
VNTR – 120360 – 480 kg/h2 – 3kg Gas/100kg16.43 phase – 50HZ
VNTR – 250750 – 1000 kg/h2 – 3kg Gas/100kg20.53 phase – 50HZ



500 – 1000 – 1500 – 2000Kg

  • Variable degrees of grinding through grinding gap adjustment
  • Temperature control during process
  • Adjustment of bulk density for automation
  • Self-cleaning
MXR-500500 kg/h
MXR-10001000 kg/h
MXR-15001500 kg/h
MXR-20002000 kg/h