PT Sudi Jaya Globalindo is the official distributor of Vina Nha Trang in Indonesia with aims to supply high-quality coffee machines at its best price.
Indonesia is one of the largest producers of coffee in the world. The purpose of establishing SJ Globalindo is to help increase the quality of coffee produce within Indonesia by providing the best equipment for the farmers and coffee producers. We also would like to provide affordable equipment to café and restaurant so that they can improve the quality of the coffee for their customer.That is why at PT Sudi Jaya Globalindo, we are so enthusiastic and motivated to assist our customer so that they will obtain the best machine for their business needs. Utmost customer satisfaction is the goal of our business. We dedicate our time to ensure that your order is dealt in a convenient and timely manner.

With an extensive collection of green bean processing system, wet processing system, roasting machine and coffee bean grinder, we will ensure that you will have various options of machines for your business needs.

Ruko Graha Kencana Blok DG
Jl. Perjuangan Raya No. 88
Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat 11620
E : [email protected]
P : +62 21 534 8284
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